All straps of replica watches are made according to the specifications of genuine watches, mainly in the following two materials: leather straps and metal straps. Different materials have different maintenance methods.


maintenance method of replica watches strap 1

Maintenance method of leather strap:

Leather straps are known for their wide range of comfort styles, elegance and fashion, especially if you can wear a belt watch in the cold winter to bring people the warmth. Relative to the style, there are more materials for leather straps, calfskin, crocodile leather, ostrich leather, etc. Although their materials are different, the maintenance methods are basically the same.


  1. If you like leather straps, it is better to have at least two leather straps. This can be replaced to avoid hardening or odor problems caused by sweating when wearing a strap for a long time.
  2. It is not recommended to wear a leather strap in summer. If you remove it in summer, immediately wipe off the sweat with a dry cloth to prevent hardening and odor.
  3. If you don't feel uncomfortable wearing, you can consider adding some wax inside the strap, which can effectively prevent sweat from soaking the strap.
  4. If it is unfortunate that your strap has hardened, then please don't fold it.


maintenance method of replica watches strap 2

Maintenance method of metal strap:

  1. Metal straps also have the same disadvantages as leather straps, which is that they are afraid of water. Because water vapor can cause the oxidation of the watch band, especially the K gold material is easy to discolor.
  2. If you need to clean the watch band, please take off the watch band to avoid splashing water on the watch.
  3. If you accidentally scratch the K gold strap, you do n’t need to worry. You can go to the after-sale office to buy a professional scratch-resistant K gold wipe cloth.
  4. If the watch band is dirty, you can use some cleaning agent to wash it, then rinse it with water, then wipe it with a dry cloth and blow it with a hair dryer. If you are in trouble, you can send it to a professional after-sales store. They can use an ultrasonic cleaner. It was clean.