The replica watch also needs to be wound on the chain



The answer is no. Under normal circumstances, automatic mechanical watches do not need to be wound when they are worn every day. However, if the wearer does not exercise too much or does not wear them from time to time, then even automatic mechanical watches need to be sent regularly. Article. why? You will understand the principle of an automatic mechanical watch. An automatic watch is not automatic. It relies on the swing of a person's arm to drive the winding tight through the continuous swing of the rotating weight on the watch movement to achieve the purpose of automatic winding. So once the amount of winding (movement) is insufficient, you need to manually make up the strings. Therefore, at the beginning, the view that "mechanical watches need to be wound regularly in addition to daily wear" is a bit one-sided. But when your automatic mechanical watch is not running, you can really try to wind it up, maybe it is because of insufficient exercise.