After many people buy a replica watches, then the next step is to cherish and love it. At this time, another question has arisen. How should we properly maintain our favorite replica watches?

 replica watches maintenance

Eight wrong ways to wear a watch:

  1. Keep away from magnetic fields. Although some models now have anti-magnetic functions, I still think they should be kept away from magnetic fields.
  2. non-waterproof watches cannot be worn in too humid environments, especially those with leather straps will cause the belts to harden and have an odor if they are too humid
  3. Do not exercise too intensely when wearing a mechanical watch. Of course, Heuer Golf does not need to be taboo.
  4. Do not open the back cover of the watch at will, and avoid entering the dust. If you are really curious, you can watch around when the professional takes it apart during maintenance.
  5. Be sure to take off your watch before going to bed at night, especially for watches with luminous function. It is said that the luminous paint on the dial is a mixture of radium and zinc sulfide. When it emits light, there will be a certain amount of radium radiation which has a certain impact on health.
  6. A watch that has not been worn for a long time must be wound up once a month. If it is automatic, it needs to be worn once to ensure that it can shake the clockwork on the watch. This can ensure that the internal parts of the watch are not in a static state for a long time and ensure good performance.
  7. When the manual winding watch is wound for the first time, it is necessary to personally wind it up to grasp a degree, and then it is 9 points when winding, so as to avoid too tight and cause the mainspring to break.
  8. In the unlikely event that your watch has an abnormal situation, such as an inaccurate timing, please take it to an after-sales service or a professional repair shop to handle it. Do not open it yourself.

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Summary: Watches are inseparable from maintenance in daily use, especially for famous watches. Not only can good maintenance make your watch work better, but it can also extend its life