First of all, let's go back to the original topic "What should I do if my replica watches does not move in water?"

We need to understand whether the watch does not move when it is in water, or whether it does not move after a long time. According to this question, we need to understand whether the watch does not move just after entering water, or does not move after entering water for a long time, or the quartz watch does not move after entering water. The results may vary from case to case, and are analyzed as follows.


When a quartz watch encounters water, it is easy to cause the circuit board to short circuit, resulting in the watch stopping, that is, whether the water entering the movement spreads to the circuit board as the main reason for the watch stopping. Usually, a quartz watch will stop immediately when water enters the watch (the circuit board is exposed to water), but if the circuit board is not exposed to water at first, it will not stop immediately, such as after a few days (the water spreads to the circuit board).

When a mechanical watch encounters water, it is mainly due to the corrosion of movement parts (water is not treated in time), which causes the watch to stop. Normally, water does not cause a watch to stop immediately (only when an important part is corroded/damaged). There is an exception to this rule, so if a mechanical watch has severe water ingress, it will also stop immediately, such as when the hairspring absorbs a large amount of water and the center of gravity increases, causing the balance to stop and causing it to stop.

Hazards of water in replica watches.

First, in addition to the quartz watch will cause a short circuit in the circuit board, but also have to consider the movement parts were rusted, such as the wheel system was rusted.
Second, the mechanical watch needs no further explanation, i.e. rusted movement.
When encountering water in the watch, the measures are as follows.
When the watch encounters water ingress, you are recommended to continuously keep the temperature of the watch (such as always wearing the watch, aiming to let the water that enters the watch condense on the crystal) and send it for repair immediately (to completely solve the problem of water ingress and reduce the difficulty of repair).
I. Replace the waterproof ring, cleaning and maintenance (waterproof ring aging).
Second, replace the circuit board, cleaning and maintenance (circuit board damage).
Third, repair or replacement of damaged parts, cleaning and maintenance (parts are rusted).
Fourth, cleaning and maintenance (sent for repair in time, the parts are not rusted).
I'm sure you will have questions when you see the above four solutions, "Why does each solution have cleaning and maintenance?" In fact, when a watch encounters water, it will increase the diffusion rate of lubricating oil in the movement, resulting in the lack of oil in the movement, while cleaning and maintenance is to remove the dirt from the movement and add the corresponding lubricating oil to the movement to restore the operation efficiency of the movement.
The cleaning and maintenance here also includes quartz watches (quartz watches also need maintenance in many places, such as the wheel system, etc.).