Some watch lovers may ask, so replica watches automatic mechanical watches and manual mechanical watches in the end which one is better?

the manual and automatic kind

Most of the market are automatic mechanical replica watches does it mean that it is better? Under the condition of sufficient movement, automatic mechanical watches are more convenient than manual mechanical watches, and this is its biggest advantage. This is because under sufficient exercise, automatic winding can be worn normally to maintain the operation of a mechanical watch. Manual winding, on the other hand, requires manual replenishment of the winding energy at regular intervals, and will stop if forgotten.

In addition to this advantage, there are other advantages of automatic winding of replica watches, such as higher accuracy, because compared to manual mechanical watches, automatic watches have an anti "over-winding" design, so that the energy provided is more consistent and the output torque is smooth. This results in a more consistent energy supply and a smooth output torque, resulting in a more stable watch with fewer errors. It is easy to understand that automatic winding is more suitable for waterproof design, because automatic winding is not like manual winding that always uses the watch handle, which will inevitably cause more wear and tear. Diving watches are mostly automatic mechanical estimated that this is the reason.

But if the wearer's movement is not enough, automatic mechanical watch winding will not be completely full, the watch will often appear to stop walking or wearing walking off stopping the problem, at the same time, the watch time accuracy is also poor, the error is large. For example, work all day in the office, most of the arms only do horizontal swing, rarely do up and down vertical swing, then the automatic tour does not basically do the work, and therefore can not be wound, such a situation is not as good as the precision of hand-wound watches. I've also met guys who think it's easier to wind a watch manually, and that's a matter of personal sensibility. In addition, the playability of a manual mechanical watch, the aesthetics of the movement are also its strengths, and the pleasure of manual winding in particular is irreplaceable.

On the question of whether a replica watch should be wound to full. According to a professional repairer, it is definitely better to wind up to 80% or 90% than to wind up to 100%, because if it is too full, the winding inside the watch is too taut, which will definitely have some impact on the watch. When winding the watch, if you feel resistance, you must not continue to twist it. Because the watch itself is a precision instrument, if you continue forcibly after you feel the resistance, it is likely to cause damage to the internal parts of the watch. For watches that are not worn often, you can use a watch shaker or just wind the watch once or twice a month.