In fact, each country has a set of standards for the timing of watches. In the case of mechanical watches, the general national standard is that the daily error should not exceed 45 seconds, and the error can be accumulated; while Switzerland is more rigorous, and the allowable error range for mechanical watches is 30 seconds/day; in addition to this there is a chronometer-certified movement that is more accurate, with an average error range of -4 seconds/day to +6 seconds/day.

There are many factors that lead to inaccurate timing, such as insufficient power reserve of mechanical watches, too long without maintenance, impact, environmental humidity and magnetic influence. And today we will focus on the most easily ignored by everyone magnetism.
Simply put, magnetic field is a special material that can not be seen and touched, and because the magnetism of the magnet comes from the electric current, so most electrically charged items have a magnetic field.
So what is a magnetic field?
Simply put a magnetic field is a special substance that cannot be seen or touched, and since the magnetism of a magnet comes from an electric current, most electrically charged items carry a magnetic field.
Why does the magnetism of a watch have such a big impact?
There is a component in a watch called the hairspring, which is the equivalent of the human heart. The hairspring is a very thin spring, usually made of steel, and is one of the most important parts of the watch, and its movement directly affects the precise operation of the watch. This component is most afraid of magnetic fields, why? The balance spring is originally in a state of being close to each other but not attached. When it is magnetized, the balance spring will bond with each other, which will affect the accuracy of the watch in light cases and stop the watch in heavy cases (stopping the watch means the watch stops rotating).
The anti-magnetic property of general watches does not prevent this phenomenon from being magnetized for a long time.
Magnetic fields in life
The magnetic field that we are most exposed to in our daily life is the cell phone, which is a strong magnetic field and has a high chance of magnetizing the watch.
In addition, TVs, microwave ovens, refrigerators, electronic toys, etc. all have large and small magnetic fields, and many people will ignore the electric mahjong machine is also the hardest hit by magnetism.
How to prevent magnetization?
There are many antimagnetic watches on the market, and the antimagnetic function is generally set in the movement, but the watch is made up of dozens of hundreds of parts, only the main parts to prevent the magnetization is not much effect, and the antimagnetic function can not resist the erosion of the daily contact with magnetic fields.
Therefore, the simplest way to prevent magnetization is to stay away from magnetic fields. Avoid placing the watch next to various electrical appliances and electrically charged objects.
What should I do if I get magnetized?
In the age of information technology, it is difficult to avoid magnetization of watches. So what should we do if it is magnetized? The easiest way is to take it back to an after-sales store, which usually has free demagnetization services.