First of all, what is a replica watch?

To understand what is a replica watch, we must first understand the word "replica". The so-called replica, in fact, means the regeneration of the classic, under the permitted conditions, re-production and distribution of discontinued products.
But in recent years, the word "replica" is now played badly by many domestic imitation manufacturers, the original replica of the original intention is to go with "tribute to the classics", tribute to the history, value, culture and skills of the brand, but now it has evolved into an imitation watch The original intention of replica watches was to pay tribute to the history, value, culture and skills of the brand. Which one of the table on the market is popular, to replicate which one of the table, and claim to restore 100 percent, to restore every detail of the original version to achieve a very low price to meet people's preferences and pursuit of luxury.
So, now the imitation watch industry has a term is "replica watches". It refers to the high degree of simulation on the market, good workmanship, some can even do daily to fake high imitation table! Imitation table from a few hundred to a few thousand prices, of course, a penny means a penny goods, we say the replica table is one of the high-end goods!
So, how long can the life of the replica watches be used?
How long can high replica watches or replica watches be used? For this question, first of all, we ask, you buy a car can drive a few years? Cars are available from tens of thousands to millions. But as long as normal maintenance, the use of years are roughly the same. But if you wear it to war, it will be ruined in minutes. Imitation watches can wear a few years, it depends on how you wear, the degree of care and maintenance degree. General domestic movement normal wear three or four years no problem, three or four years after the hairspring, clockwork aging, lubricating oil dried up, the need for maintenance. But the labor cost of maintaining a watch is more expensive than replacing a new movement, so there is generally little need.
Some friends may say, what replica watches, is not a fake watch well. That's right, imitation watches are fake watches. But every thing exists in this world, there must be its rationality. The market has demand, of course, there will be people to provide services for this demand. The whole country for the watch counterfeiting industry, is considered to open one eye, close one eye, if one day the country's respect for intellectual property rights to a certain height, perhaps the imitation watch industry will naturally disappear it!