The main reason is: because the positioning of domestic brand watches is too low, coupled with the fact that the Chinese people believe more in Swiss brands,

domestic independent high-end brand watches simply can not survive, domestic replica tourbillon watches movement manufacturers are also forced to flow the movement to the replica watch market. So, where is the main difference between Swiss and domestic tourbillon?

Although the domestic tourbillon replica watches price is cheap, but the overall performance and accuracy, with the Swiss imports of the gap is actually not much, if you must say the gap, I think it should be the movement of the polishing and material, the Swiss movement of all materials are closely calculated, hardness, weight and escapement structure must be in place with the load, so the domestic tourbillon life is often not as long as the Swiss tourbillon, but the domestic tourbillon Wear a three or five years will not have a problem, then again, that is also cost-effective, you can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy dozens or even hundreds of models to wear, if you buy the original Swiss tourbillon big brand watch is estimated to buy a more difficult.