What is the difference between an automatic watch and a manual watch among mechanical replica watches? So what's the difference between the two watches in terms of movement construction?


Let's take the example of automatic and manual winding of a Vacheron Constantin replica watch.

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An automatic watch will have an additional automatic mechanism that is primarily used to transfer the energy generated by the wearer's movement to the watch and store it.

The oscillating potential of the rotor is transferred to the barrel to tighten the spring.

Automatic watches are equipped with a sliding barrel, but when the barrel or hammer is fully wound, it can still be rotated, and the excess energy will be released by sliding the barrel.

Manual watches are equipped with a fixed spring, but it is very important that the barrel cannot be wound again when the energy level is full, otherwise the movement will be damaged.


Comparison of Pros and Cons

The automatic movement is easier to use, but has more parts, so the failure rate will be a little bit higher and the maintenance cost will be a little bit higher compared to the manual. Even if you switch to a micro-rotor, it affects the balance of the movement and the symmetry of the whole movement. Therefore, big brands pay special attention to the design and finishing of the oscillating weight, and use high-density tungsten alloy or precious metal materials.

The manual movement is more human-machine friendly, and the movement is more stable and more aesthetically pleasing than the oscillating weight, which is a large and fragile component. Manual movements are also slimmer than automatic movements and, by design, offer more room for maneuvering, so many of the movements used to review functions are often stacked on top of each other.

In summary
Just like cars, there's a certain segment of players who are particularly fond of manual waves, and watches are somewhat of a similar situation. So it's what you like that's best, to each his own.