At the end of 2018 when the V6 factory and then new Cartier Balloon Blue Replica Watches 33MM between the rose gold models of mechanical watches, listened to read the small text friends know that here V6 factory Blue Balloon series has been the top of the goods, although there is also a factory behind the challenge of this top throne. But now this Cartier Balloon Blue  throne has been in the hands of the V6 factory!


V6 factory on the appearance of Cartier  balloon blue replica watch

The dial of the Cartier basket balloon from the V6 factory is clear and organized, and its texture is a rose pattern. The hands of the watch are made of burnt steel and blue hands are comparable to the authentic ones. The literal printing is very full without gaps, and it is not just a Roman scale text. The fullness also includes the perfect re-engraving of the small solid dots on the lower part of the scale. Of course, it is because of its mature craftsmanship to have the foundation, and other large and small factories can't do this level.

The case is made of stainless steel, and its fluted crown is inlaid with a cabochon synthetic spinel. From this watch’s silver-plated carvings, Roman numerals, sword-shaped hands, sapphire mirror, etc. The high degree of similarity to the original product shows the super technology of its V6 factory in all details. Of course, this is also related to the splitting of official genuine watches purchased by the V6 factory, which has a lot to do with one-to-one engraving!

The mirror on the watch mirror has a fish-eye effect, but its transparency and clarity make it possible to view the dial from any angle, and the scale and texture of the dial can still be clearly seen.

The small bezel ring on the side of the watch has a smoother and more shiny interior. The spinel on the head of a genuine watch is irradiated by light, showing a deep and transparent dark blue. The Cartier blue balloon made by the V6 factory embodies a very deep and looming feeling, which is amazing for the color treatment of the spinel on the head.

The Cartier blue balloon of the V6 factory also uses the genuine pattern of brushing and polishing on the strap; the inside of the folding clasp is also processed by the brushing process, making the lines straight and the surface brushed very smooth. The inside of the buckle is laser-engraved with fonts to give it a three-dimensional texture.

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