After the AF factory launched the large blue balloon 42mm, v6 factory also launched the v6 version of the Cartier Blue Balloon 42mm blue model, which is completely bursting the cost-performance ratio of the AF factory's Cartier Blue Balloon 42mm blue model.


The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name is the Cartier Blue Balloon. v6 factory is famous for the Cartier Blue Balloon, but the road to fame is also quite crooked and not smooth. v6 launched the Cartier Large Blue Balloon in 14 years, but it was not recognized by the shopping malls, and v6's boss is running from one stall to another, seeking sales. At the time just in the thriving stage of replica watches, due to outstanding workmanship, by a few big speculators hoarding future to launch a full range of publicity, a single take of the high-end Cartier Blue Balloon replica watches mall, v6 since then become famous. It's also a very hot table models, in the time is to take the genuine picture to do imitations of the mall environment, v6 take the genuine open mold can be said to bear a huge economic pressure, at that time many watch manufacturers are still for the same one how to save more capital rather than how to do more outstanding, but the mall demand has changed, high-end replica products are divine such as N factory, high-end If you're not afraid of not being able to sell your product, v6 has stepped on the rhythm of the market and made a big splash.
In the future, v6 has developed 28.33.36, several sizes of the blue balloon table models, agilely occupied the mall, when the peers are also doing similar products, v6 will be promoted products, so far, the blue balloon has gone through four major promotions, far away from the Taiwan factory or tw and so behind the bar. At present, there is a very empty factory af on the mall, but the manufacturer does not have a mall background, the factory product workmanship is good, and there are selling points is to install the Swiss polished movement, but due to the initial foray into high capital, pricing is outrageous, so the sales can not keep up, and in some of the details of the watch models than v6 is still a slight gap, so the current market, the blue balloon is still v6 of the country.

Cartier Blue Balloon Collection W69016Z4 Watches Authentic Profile
For the first time this year, Cartier is using the blue side on a steel-shelled three-pin blue balloon. As you all know, the previous blue balloons at this price were usually white faces. Cartier blue balloon blue plate is mainly used in precious metals, tourbillon this high-end watch, this time used on the three-hand version (in addition, the new blue balloon also includes a black plate leather version, the same use of 1847MC movement). The value of the watch is the strong point of the Cartier Blue Balloon. The dial of the new Blue Balloon continues to adhere to Cartier's high value. From the center of the dial to the periphery of the radial guilloché pattern, guilloché pattern through the scale ring and the Roman numeral ring, beautiful. The new blue balloon's Roman hour markers have been changed to metal letters, which are much brighter than the original printed hour markers. The dial of the new Blue Balloon is one of the most complicated in its class and price range. Cartier's new blue balloon case and the same as before, steel case 42 mm, bezel case all polished, large areas of polishing is relatively simple to create a sense of formality and high-grade sense, together with the bottom cover all brushed. The back cover is simple to scratch when the watch is placed flat, and the brushed back cover is conducive to cover up the scratches.

Cartier new blue balloon with a blue leather strap, and plate color match. For the strap I would like to say a question. This year Cartier made a major update to Santos, there are several upgrades, the new Santos has a strap quick change function, you can quickly change between the belt and steel chain. It's a great feature. But some people have raised a question, the Santos strap quick-change function, does it mean that, only with the official strap, you can not change the civilian strap. This question is yet to be answered, but there is no such thing as a blue balloon.

The Blue Balloon is a watch that Cartier launched in 2007. Many years ago, I read a magazine that featured a celebrity (a man) who wore a blue balloon on his hand. I didn't know much about watches back then, but it made an impression on me, and I've known the Blue Balloon ever since. The market situation over the years has since seen the Blue Balloon become Cartier's hottest watch. Other than that, one of the major advantages of the Blue Balloon is that it's unisex. Although we have to admit that there are many blue balloon fake table, a person's table is true or false, the economic level is high or low, the life is good or bad, their own heart is clear. So you can wear the real one yourself.

V6 Factory Cartier Blue Balloon Blue 42mm Details
V6 factory artifacts blue balloon new color in two colors, between the rose gold mother-of-pearl face and rose pattern 33mm diameter, its workmanship has always been the same, fisheye sapphire mirror automatic mechanical movement, the original folding clasp.

About the appearance
First, the disk rose pattern is clear and organized, white steel coated hands through the genuine article, literally printed plump without notch, not only the scale Roman fullness, but also includes the scale inside the bottom of the small solid dot fullness, which is very sophisticated technology has the foundation, other big manufacturers can not do a comprehensive fullness of the degree.
Second, the steel case, fluted crown, inlaid with a cabochon composed of spinel, silver-plated guilloché dial, Roman numerals, sword-shaped blued steel hands, sapphire crystal, all these all show that this watch is in accordance with the genuine 1:1 reproduction.
Third, the crystal has a fisheye effect, transparent and clear, and the scale on the dial can be seen clearly from any angle, without any blindfold effect. And the dial pattern is radial, from the center of the body to the edge of the watch crystal twitch body, so that in the light of the "radiant".
Fourth, the head of the small bezel ring, is to form a completed plane, in the light of the light can reflect a beautiful ring, and the head of the inner side of the polished more smooth and glossy. The genuine handlebar spikes are a deep and translucent deep blue when illuminated, not a particularly translucent feeling that cannot be seen through at first glance. The V6, however, shows a deep presence and an amazing treatment of the color of the spinel. No matter what angle you are in, the color of the case has been shiny shiny, one is to say clear raw material selection, the second is to say clear case polishing process is smart, the case of reflective arc degree smooth.
Five, V6 blue balloon strap is also in accordance with the template of the genuine choice of brushed and polished phase of the process, the strap on the articulation of the screw above the section with a screw mouth is movable, with the following column is embedded can freely rotate; folding buckle, the internal processing is also through the brushed, the line is not only straight and the surface of the brushed very smooth. The inside of the clasp has a three-dimensional texture with laser engraved lettering. The inner side of each strap is treated more and more rounded, and then the color of the V6 steel band is not yellowish, but silvery white, brighter than what other factories do. The depth of the letter engraving on the strap as well as the size is also according to the authentic replica, and the workmanship is also more delicate.

The v6 Cartier Blue Balloon 42mm Blue vs AF Factory Blue Balloon 42 Blue Face which is stronger or weaker.
Difference point, movement, v6 APR 2824, af APR 2892; v6 steel belt, af alligator leather belt; price difference of 500.
The v6 can also be fitted with alligator belts or Swiss movements, but the v6 has the absolute advantage in price, while the af is too expensive.