Almost every day, people ask questions about Noob factory watches, and the most asked questions are about those watches that can be fake. In fact, if we talk about this issue only in terms of appearance, N factory is not the only one that is the best. There are many watches that are also better.

But if you just like Rolex alone, and have a love for N factory. Then to recommend the paragraph. There are only 3 kinds.
The N factory green water ghost ranked first, basically like replica watches people will be into a, really hot and face value is very high.
The second is the black water ghost and Ditongna N factory panda di is also a genuine comparison, this comparison inside can see some low version of the details, as well as some different factory subtle differences. You should know that it is indeed a penny a piece, not that there is this must be good, each factory workmanship is different.
In fact, about the N factory watches to fake, the real and authentic comparison of these three, the other log and constant motion those have shot other factory authentic comparison, you can also look for it.
If you just like the N factory table, then these are the best. If you want other table models, not necessarily have to N factory. Then there are still many options. We have taken a lot of authentic comparisons. This is so that you can feel that in addition to Rolex, there are Patek Philippe, Tudor, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Vanguard, and so on look very good watches.